What Are We About?


Thank you for visiting Foundation de Bourbon! We would not be where we are today without the generous help of our friends and supporters. Foundation de Bourbon was created to help fund the research, past and present, to solve the controversy of the life and death of Louis XVII, the prince of France.


During the French Revolution, the royal family was arrested and put into prison to be tried. Louis XVII was kept there for two years where he was reported to have died. Over the years we have gathered extensive evidence that this was not true and he in fact escaped, taking on the name of Karl Wilhelm Naundorff. In 2014, DNA research was compared between the two acknowledged French royal branches and Naundorff’s descendants, and was found to be a match. For the full story please follow this link for details of the new book written by Charles de Bourbon. http://fondationdebourbon.com/book/


The object of the Foundation de Bourbon:


  • to further and support the historical and scientific research of the cases of Karl Naundorff and Louis XVII.
  • to provide information about the House de Bourbon and its members, to third parties.
  • to take care of the historical possessions of the Family and explore their rights, internationally and locally.
  • to access advice and support for the House de Bourbon and its members.
  • to provide funds for legal cases.


The Foundation de Bourbon is a non profit organization. Money received may be from donations, inheritances, and subsidies or from presents and incomes from activities.


We sincerely appreciate all donations and support. Thank you.